Excellent Fall Lawn Care in Waterford

Kurt Baker, Waterford Wi

“Your men are here and are doing an excellent job, like before. The men that I have met so far, you should be proud. Good people. Thank you, and I’ll pass the word. See you next year. Have a good and safe holiday season. Kurt”

When it comes to lawn care, we believe in lifelong relationships with our clients. Month after month, year after year – we aim to please. Our lawn care professionals work with quality, efficiency and professionalism no matter the job. This fall lawn care customer from Waterford, Wisconsin is just one of many we have grown a lasting relationship with.

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Tree Trimming and Mulch Burlington Wi

Florence Miller, Burlington Wi

“Hi Justin: The men you sent were perfection in their work and I’m so pleased!! Thank, Thank you – it made my day! The man who trimmed the crab tree really knew what he was doing and the other cleaned up all so good. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Florence N. Miller”

“Justin: Thanks for such a good job on the mulch and at a price I can handle! I’m truly grateful for all and you restore my faith in people with your kindness. Have a great holiday season! Florence N. Miller”

We love to hear great feedback from our customers – We love even more continued positive feedback. This valued customer in Burlington, Wisconsin is just one of many we have built a long term relationship with. Trimming trees and supplying and laying mulch and all surrounding landscaping duties, Florence can rest assured we have her covered. We’d love to do the same for you!

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Seasonal Landscaping Burlington Wi

Dave Hauvs, Burlington Wi

“Just wanted to let you know your crew did an excellent job. The yard looks great and we are really pleased. Thanks, Dave”

Yards are what we do. Is your yard not looking as great as you want it to? Could use some sprucing here, trimming there – maybe a paver patio or a retaining wall? From seasonal landscaping to hardscaping – Koch Kuts has you covered. Take it from this client in Burlington Wisconsin – We make yards look great.

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Waterford Landscaping Success

Karen McNeil, Waterford Wi

“The new landscaping is lovely – Thank you!”

Ready to revamp your landscaping? Koch Kuts is your landscaper for all project sizes. Updating and keeping your landscaping modern adds value to your home as well as solidifies a positive first impression. Your home or businesses landscaping and exterior is the first thing any visitor sees. Trust Koch Kuts to bring your landscape to a new level and keep it looking great year round.

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Excellent Landscaping Service Burlington

Joyce Grannini, Burlington Wi

“Koch Kuts- I think you did a wonderful job and I am so pleased with your work – Thank you so much!”

Client satisfaction is our number one goal. If you’re not happy – neither are we. We take pride in every landscaping project we complete no matter the size. As your local Burlington landscaper – our clients are our neighborhood family and surrounding communities.

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Professional Landscaping Waterford Wisconsin

Ann Buchel, Waterford Wi

Justin, Thank you – your men seem to know what needed to be done and did a great job. I’m very pleased with the work that was done. – Ann Buchel”

One of the many things Koch Kuts does well is take direction. This client in Waterford had a landscaping job for us and we had the skill at the fairest price around. Koch Kuts offers a range of services both soft and hardscaping – from seasonal lawn care to retaining wall installation and paver patios. We are your friendly and professional local landscapers.

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Superior Driveway Pavers Installation in Elkhorn

Paul Bogenscheider, Elkhorn Wi

“Good Morning Justin,
We wish to thank you for the excellent work your men did on installing our driveway pavers. They did a great job and completed it in one day. We are very satisfied and thus will be recommending your company to others and we will use you for all our future landscaping needs. Sincerely, Paul and Kathy”

Installing these driveway pavers was our pleasure. Koch Kuts prides ourselves in efficiency in labor and superior quality materials. We installed these driveway pavers in Elkhorn Wisconsin for this couple in just one day. Our passionate landscapers have an abundance of experience and eyes for detail. From softscaping to hardscaping – we have you covered.

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Fall Lawn Care Burlington

Fall Landscaping in Burlington and Surrounding Areas

As the Temperatures drop and the leaves begin their brilliant color display it marks the time to plan your fall lawn care.  Utilizing a lawn service to prepare your landscape for the winter months will not only save you days of time and labor it will also prepare your landscape for a lush and beautiful spring bloom.

Here are a list of items that will ensure a lush lawn, plentiful foliage and beautiful spring blooms.


  • Trim the Trees:  by trimming any dead or overhanging branches in fall you can prevent damage to your home or property caused by winter weather such as snowstorms or ice.
  • Feed your Grass:  your lawns root system keeps growing until temperatures fall below 40 degrees.  Fertilizing your lawn in fall while the roots are still active is key to successful lawn growth in spring.
  • Aerate your Lawn:  as the soil compacts around the root system it can prevent key nutrients from getting to your lawn.  Aerating your lawn helps nutrients reach the roots and creates a hearty and lush lawn.
  • Cut back Perennials:  by cutting back perennials you send nutrients and energy back to the roots and the result will be a healthier plant in the spring.
  • Mulch: renewing the mulch in your landscape in fall protects plants from the cold temperatures and frost damaging their root system.
  • Plant New Plants:  Fall is the perfect time to plant your spring bulbs and plants to create a beautiful spring color display.
  • Dry your Irrigation system:  blowing out the water in your irrigation system in fall will prevent lines from being damaged from water freezing in the lines.  This simple step can save you money in repair or replacement fees.
  • Clean Decks and Patios:  Clear all clutter from decks and patios.  Put away or cover lawn furniture or decorations.
  • Leaf Removal:  as beautiful as the fall colors are on the trees, fallen leaves can rob your lawn of nutrients and are an eyesore in your landscape.


These simple items will ensure that your landscape not only looks wonderful during the fall but also will ensure a vibrant landscape in the spring.  Contact Koch Kuts and let our professional team do all the hard work for you so that you can enjoy your free time with friends and family instead of leaves and rakes.

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