Spraying and Fertilizing Burlington Wi

The decision whether or not to fertilize should be based on the nutrition requirements needed by your soil conditions. Koch Kuts Landscaping out of Burlington, Wisconsin can take away the hassle of fertilizing and spraying your landscape. Many Factors contribute when achieving a lush and hearty lawn:

  • Determine your soil nutrient needs through testing. If your soil does need nutrients, make sure the fertilizer matches those needs.
  • Make sure you fertilize at the optimum time of the year for your variety of grass. Different grasses require different nutrients. Our landscape professionals will develop the best plan to achieve a lush lawn.
  • Know your type of Grass.  When and how often you should apply fertilizer to your lawn depends on the type of grass you grow. Grasses need nitrogen and other nutrients during their seasons of active growth, and they grow best with an even supply. You will just be wasting your time and fertilizer if you fertilize grass when it’s naturally dormant.
  • Know the exact size of your lawn. Using too much fertilizer can harm your lawn and cost you more than you planned. Conversely, using too little fertilizer won’t yield the results anticipated.
  • Slow-release or controlled-release fertilizer are best to reduce possible losses to the environment and increase nutrient absorption. In certain situations, it may help to use organic materials, which can improve the health of your soil.
  • Control Weeds.  Spring is a good time to apply weed control for weeds such as crabgrass. Spraying weeds is the first course of action to improve your lawn. Weeds steal water and nutrients from your grass, especially because both plants’ roots populate the first few inches of the soil.
  • Fertilize trees and Shrubs, too. Most plants, trees, and shrubs will benefit from proper fertilization with a slow-release product just before mulch is applied.


Contact Koch Kuts for your free Spraying and Mulching Estimate today. We look forward to helping you and your lawn!