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Information & Tips on Lawn Care in Southeast Wisconsin

We’ve been in the landscaping business for 25 years. Whether you need lawn care services in southeast Wisconsin or you’re looking for more information on seasonal lawn care, shoreline restoration, and hardscape installations, you can turn to Koch Kuts. We want to provide you with the must-know information to keep your lawn and landscape flawless. From seasonal tips to long-term care – we have you covered.

Fall Landscaping Services Burlington, WI

2020 Fall Lawn Services

Our fall maintenance & cleanup keeps your lawn clean and well-manicured, our fall lawn care services prepare your root system for winter and spring.
Lawn Aeration Service Burlington, WI

Importance of Lawn Aeration

Almost all lawns can benefit from lawn aeration. When done correctly, aeration will help maintain a healthy, disease-free lawn.
Shoreline Erosion Control Burlington, Wisconsin

Shoreline Restoration in Burlington & Waterford, WI

If you need shoreline restoration in Burlington or Waterford, WI, you can trust Koch Kuts for high-quality services that make your investment worthwhile.

Is Fertilization & Weed Control Worth It?

Maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn is easy when you keep it fed and protected. Fertilization & weed control applications help do precisely that!
Seasonal Lawn Care Services Burlington, Wisconsin

Benefits of Hiring a Local Lawn Service

There are many benefits to reap when you hire local professionals for lawn care & maintenance. We've detailed the top 5!
Spring Landscaping Services Burlington, WI

Schedule Spring Lawn Care in Burlington & Waterford, WI

We’ll evaluate the needs of your lawn to help you determine what services should be included in a spring lawn care plan for your property.

Spring Lawn Care Tasks

In the spring, your lawn needs special care to help it recover after a long winter and thrive once summer arrives.
Fall Lawn Care & Cleanup Burlington, WI

Fall Landscaping Services

You can count on Koch Kuts for timely, effective leaf cleanup as well as fall landscaping services that prepare your lawn for winter.
Professional Yard Maintenance Burlington

Jumpstart your Spring Landscaping

Spring ushers in long-awaited warm temperatures, perfect for…
Retaining Wall and Stairs Installation AFTER

Retaining Wall Installation Burlington Wisconsin

Retaining walls are structures that hold back any material and…

Planning Your Lawn Care Season by Season

Best Practices for Lawn Care in Southeastern Wisconsin By maintaining…

Outdoor Living Spaces

When Koch Kuts designs and builds your outdoor living space...