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We’ll evaluate the needs of your lawn to help you determine what services should be included in a spring lawn care plan for your property.

Spring Lawn Care Tasks

In the spring, your lawn needs special care to help it recover after a long winter and thrive once summer arrives.

Fall Lawn Care & Cleanup Burlington, WI

Fall Landscaping Services

You can count on Koch Kuts for timely, effective leaf cleanup as well as fall landscaping services that prepare your lawn for winter.

Professional Yard Maintenance Burlington

Jumpstart your Spring Landscaping

Spring ushers in long-awaited warm temperatures, perfect for outdoor enjoyment.  Planning ahead with Koch Cuts will help you get your yard in shape for the season ahead. Use the following tips to jumpstart your landscape this spring.

  • Evaluate your trees and shrubs. Start your spring spruce up with a thorough inspection of your yard. Look for any branches that might be broken or damaged and get them pruned . Some of the plants that are in rough shape may just need to be pruned back in order to kick start them for a new season, while others might need to be taken out and replaced entirely.
  • Check on your sprinklers/irrigation systems.  If you have a system in your landscaping, spring is the time to test your equipment for leaks and damage from the winter months. A leak in the system can not only result in plant damage from overwatering but the cost of the wasted water will add up over the season.
  • Make planting beds neat and tidy. Rake the old leaves and debris from plant beds. . Also, after you pull the weeds you can apply a weed control agent to protect against their return.  . Also, after you pull the weeds you can apply a weed control agent to protect against their return.
  • Add a layer of fresh mulch Plant beds and around trees need about an inch of fresh mulch. Don’t let the mulch touch tree trunks and never let the mulch accumulate to more than a 3-inch depth. Mulch not only makes planting areas look neat, but also aid in retaining moisture in the soil, keeping roots cool.
  • Control Weeds. Spring is a good time to apply weed control for weeds such as crabgrass.
  • Fertilize your lawn, trees and shrubs. The decision about whether or not to fertilize should be based on the nutrition requirements needed by your soil conditions. Lawns typically need fertilization multiple times a year.

Read more about Fertilizing and Spraying here.

Contact Koch Kuts for your free spring landscaping estimate today. We look forward to working with you and your yard this Spring, Summer and Fall!

Retaining Wall and Stairs Installation AFTER

Retaining Wall Installation Burlington Wisconsin

Retaining walls are structures that hold back any material and prevent it from eroding away or sliding down.  They are designed to resist the pressure from the material that it is holding back.  Many homes are built on slopes and hills making it necessary incorporate retaining walls into the landscaping.

Before working on retaining walls you must consider multiple factors.  The most crucial is that the design must cater to the slope requirements in order to have the best structural stabilization and balance.

Types of Retaining Walls

The following are five of the most common types of retaining walls used for residential landscaping:

  • Gravity walls are often used for small wall that do not exceed a height of four feet.  This kind of wall relies on its weight to resist the pressure of the materials behind it.
  • Sheet pile retaining walls also known as piling retaining walls are a type of wall that is utilized on softer soils that don’t have adequate space for a wide barrier. Usually it uses planks that are vinyl, steel, or wood that is inserted into the soil and held up by soil on either side taller walls require a tieback anchor for added support
  • Cantilever retaining walls are a single-layer wall built with a base connected to a slap.  They are capable of holding a significant amount of material and can support taller slopes.
  • Anchored retaining walls utilize cable anchors for added strength.  The cables help the wall resist pressure from the materials that could cause instability.  Anchored walls are ideal for supporting heavier loads.
  • Counterfort retaining walls are similar to cantilever but have the addition on thin vertical concrete webs installed at intervals along the rear side of the wall.  This results in added strength and are preferable when building structures in excess of 25 feet and higher

A retaining wall not only creates a barrier and additional space it also adds an aesthetically pleasing piece to your landscaping.  When you are ready to design a retaining wall work with one of our expert landscapers to design the perfect wall for your space.

Contact Koch Kuts for your free retaining wall installation estimate in Burlington, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. 

Planning Your Lawn Care Season by Season

Best Practices for Lawn Care in Southeastern Wisconsin

By maintaining proper lawn care season to season, you can make it easier to upkeep year after year. There are steps you can take to protect and enhance your lawn from early spring through late fall. Early Spring is the time when you want to focus on sharpening up your lawn care tools and making sure you have all the necessities handy for the upcoming seasons. Lawn care is easier and goes quicker when you are fully prepared. Follow the guide below:

Early or Pre-Spring Lawn Care Tips:

Make sure you have the following necessities handy:

  • Rakes (regular and hard tooth)
  • Proper shovels for each job you will be taking on
  • Hand tools (including pruning scissors)
  • Working and fueled up lawn mower
  • Aerator
  • Hose
  • Sprinkler System for regular watering
  • Grass seed for areas necessary
  • Fertilizers
  • Herbicides
  • Rain Guage

Getting your Equipment Ready for the Seasons ahead:

It is a good idea to sharpen the blades on all of your tools including your lawn mower and trimmers. You may want to stock up on a backup lawn mower blade just in case. Tune up your lawn mower by checking and replacing filters and spark plugs. Clear out old gas and add fresh gasoline to your mower. Do preliminary yard work such as removing leaves, twigs and debris.

Spring Lawn Care Tips:

When spring hits, your lawn will start to grow. Always wait until your grass dries before mowing. Begin fertilizing your lawn. Aerating is recommended to assure your lawn stays healthy. An aeration machine pokes holes in the soil which allow airflow, water and fertilizer to reach the grassroots. The best time to do this is a few hours after a healthy rain fall.

Early Summer Lawn Care Tips:

This is the best time to identify any Grub infestation and take care of it. Grub will ruin your lawn. This is also a good time to inspect and remove any weeds before they grow into a bigger problem. Remove them by hand so you can be sure to pull out the full root. Prepare for a potentially dry summer by making sure you have a sprinkler system or watering plan ready.

Summer Lawn Care Tips:

Summer can be the hardest time to maintain a healthy green lawn due to dry spells and extreme heat. Try not to cut your grass any lower than 3 inches to the earth. You also have to be careful not to over water your lawn. Try not to water more than 3 inches a week. After each mow, clean the bottom of your lawn mower with your hose. This will keep your lawn mower blades clean and sharp. Rake up any large standing grass clippings that may weigh on your lawn. Short clippings are okay for added nutrients.

Early Fall Lawn Care Tips:

This is when you want to prepare for the season most people dread – Fall Leaf Season… Rake your lawn thoroughly removing any early fallen leaves, debris and dead grass. It is recommended to work some compost into the earth of your lawn and apply grass seed designed for both sun and shade. Use your hard tooth rake to help the seed settle fully into the earth. If you have spots on your lawn that are barren, pay extra care in planning grass seed and spread small grass clippings over top. Water this area well and try to keep the patch constantly moist until growth begins.

Fall Lawn Care Tips:

Raking Season. Try to keep your lawn free of leaves the best you can by raking regularly or using a mulching lawn mower. A mulching lawn mower will add the organic materials to the soil and help with nourishment. This is also a good time to apply fall fertilizer which will work its way into the root system and keep the grass as healthy as possible through the harsh winter season. Prepare your flower beds for the winter. Cut out any dead flowers and transplant any flowers necessary for spring.

Contact Koch Kuts for seasonal lawn care and lawn maintenance solutions in and around Burlington, Wisconsin today.

Outdoor Living Spaces

When Koch Kuts designs and builds your outdoor living space…

Shoreline Restoration Muskego, Wisconsin

Professional Shoreline Landscaping

Servicing Waterford, Rochester, Lake Geneva, Wind Lake, Muskego and Surrounding Areas

Why should you hire Koch Kuts for your Shoreline Landscaping Project? We are experienced and knowledgeable on your options and will provide the best care for your lake home or waterfront property landscaping.

Owning a piece of shoreline property is something to be proud of. Keeping it looking its best, safe, sustainable and potential useful is key to maintaining or increasing value. It takes the right kind of landscaper for optimal shoreline landscaping. Koch Kuts will fully evaluate your shoreline turf and how it interacts with the elements including wind, ice, surf, gravity and time/seasons in general. There are three main benefits to hiring a shoreline landscaper:

Support and Enrich your Land around your Shoreline

Proper shoreline landscaping techniques can benefit your property in a few ways. The addition of a retaining wall can add support to the earth surrounding and prevent flooding while adding a pathway can allow for beauty and usefulness. You can also consider adding a switchback or staircase from your home or building to the shoreline.

Protection and Restoration of your Shoreline

Koch Kuts can install stone or other visually aesthetic means such as a small sand beach to prevent erosion. It’s also important to remove overgrowth that may be harmful to your shoreline such as buckthorn and other invasive growth.

Environmentally Safe Structure and Additions

When landscaping your shoreline, it’s important to not disrupt the needed natural flora and fauna of your shoreline. When installing a boat ramp, patio, lighting, retaining wall, decorative plants or flowers – it’s important to make sure you don’t harm the natural habitat. A professional local landscaper like Koch Kuts will be knowledgeable and be sure to make this happen for you without any reason for concern.

Koch Kuts specializes in top of the line shoreline landscaping. From the initial plans through to completion – we have you covered.

Contact Koch Kuts for your Free Shoreline Landscaping Estimate.

mosquito control burlington Wi

Professional Mosquito Control for your Landscape Burlington Wi

Servicing Burlington, Wisconsin and Surrounding areas

Many do it yourself mosquito control attempts prove to just not be effective enough. With the early spring like weather in Wisconsin this year, it is predicted mosquitos will be heavy this summer. Not only are they an nuisance, they are a health concern too. Prevent west nile and mosquito carried illnesses as well as just the annoying itchy bumps they cause!

Professional mosquito control = barrier spray treatments that are aimed to kill adult mosquitos, and larvicides that are intended to kill mosquitos in the beginning larvae state.

Barrier spray treatments typically involve a spray that contains pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is a botanical pesticide derived from dried chrysanthemum plants (naturally) or pyrethroids (synthetic insecticide). The spray is the most effective due to the fact pyrethrin breaks down with exposure to sunlight and moisture. The barrier spray is applied to vegetation throughout your landscape, paralyzing and killing mosquitos once they come in contact.

This method of mosquito control is safe for your yard and approved by the EPA. There is no risk of exposure to children or adults. There has been concern for runoff from the pesticides causing harm to aquatic life, but the concern is minimal.

Controlling Mosquitos near Water Bodies

Larvicides have proven effective for treating areas of standing water such as retention ponds, ditches, lakes and backyard ponds. The most common larvicide used is BTI (Bacillus Thuringlensis Israelensis) which is a natural occurring bacterium. This product is deemed safe for the environment by the EPA. BTI is non-toxic to fish, birds and mammals. It is only effective on the species in the larvae state and will not effectively kill adult mosquitos.

For the best results in mosquito control – you want to nip the sources, which are the breeding places on your property.

Talk to Koch Kuts about your mosquito control options. We offer Spraying and Fertilizing Services and can help you minimize your mosquito annoyance this spring and summer.

Contact Koch Kuts for your free Spraying and Fertilizing Estimate today.

Fire Pit/Patio Southeastern Wisconsin

Spring Landscaping Projects that Raise Property Value

It’s been a long winter, but spring is finally here in Southeastern Wisconsin! It’s the best season to start your landscaping projects and add value to your property. The key is to not break your bank but still add undeniable value and visual appeal. Good landscape design has the potential for a 20% increase in resale value of your home. Done right, you can also raise your property value by 12%, increase your homes ROI by 50+% and decrease the time it takes to sell your home.

Think about it – the first thing someone sees, the very first impression of your property and home is the exterior. It is recommended you invest approximately 10% of your home’s complete value into your landscaping and exterior design. Whether it be soft scape projects like adding shrubs, trees and plants, or hardscape renovations such as decks, fireplaces or pits, fencing, garden and yard walkways/pathways, or lighting fixtures.

First things first – consult with a professional landscaper and develop a solid plan. Koch Kuts is your top choice lawn care and landscaping company in Burlington, Wisconsin (servicing all surrounding areas). You don’t want to start a project without a solid plan or you may end up spending unnecessary money or lack efficiency. You also don’t want to start the wrong types of projects for your property.

Some affordable and good starter landscaping projects for this spring:

Patios and Outdoor Fireplaces/Fire Pits

There are a number of hardscapes that will add undeniable value to your property. The most common are decks and patios. Especially when you add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit – this not only adds visual appeal but also gives you a great space to entertain guests all summer long. Imagine increasing the value of your home by up to 12% – and making yourself and awesome area to hang out with your family, friends and neighbors. Investment wise, the ROI is high, and the cost is low. You can also consider adding a water feature such as a hot tub, small pool or a fish pond. Think comfort, fun, appeal and seamless beauty.

Plant new Trees

New Trees are very affordable and can provide long term value, protection, shade and beauty. It is important to remember that depending on the type of tree there may be some added maintenance. A professional landscaper from Koch Kuts can advise you on the best trees for your yard and level of maintenance preferred. Typical cost can range anywhere from $50-$200 for decent new trees and, well-kept, will provide undeniable long term value. Some of the most recommended trees are Sugar Maples, Red Cedar Trees, Northern Red Oaks, and Colorado Blue Spruces.

Well Planned Outdoor Lighting

Low cost with high value – outdoor lighting can increase visual appeal of your landscape as well as create a beautiful evening environment. You can strategically highlight certain areas and accent your trees, garden or lawn. This is also a visually appealing way to add extra security to your yard and safer pathways and driveways. Night lighting can be a high selling point for some homebuyers.

Contact Koch Kuts in Burlington, Wisconsin

We will be able to advise and work with you within your budget and design needs. We will help plan the best layout and plan to get your landscaping projects underway. We will also provide a cost effective estimate and complete the work for you in a timely manner. Value without breaking the bank – We have you covered.

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