Paver Patio & Fire Pit Installation Burlington, WI

Fire Pits and Fireplaces for Fall

Ready or not, here fall comes! Fall means a lot of things: leaves everywhere, colder weather, allergies. Amongst all the negatives of fall, there are so many amazing aspects of fall! Jumping in leaves, the colors, pumpkin spice everything, and of course the beloved S’MORE! There is nothing better than a crisp night with family all around, getting the perfect char on a fluffy white marshmallow. 

A great way to make a statement in your backyard and add a space where your friends and family can come together is a fire feature! Is a traditional fire pit not your style? That’s fine! There are so many options when it comes to fire features. 

A bowl fire pit, often made with different types of metal or ceramic, is a simple and more temporary option. If you’re looking to make a statement, a chiminea is a beautiful focal point! As its name suggests, a chiminea is a tall structure that is a wide bulb shape at the bottom with a long skinny “spout” at the top! While you may not have known the name, you’ve definitely seen one before! A more traditional approach would be a stone or brick fire pit. While they are pretty standard, they definitely don’t have to be boring! A custom outdoor pizza oven is amazing during hot Wisconsin summers so you don’t have to turn on your oven inside your house adding extra heat!

Koch Kuts will work with you and your space to design and build a custom piece that will wow your friends and family. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Fall Landscaping Services Burlington, WI

2020 Fall Lawn Services

Our fall maintenance & cleanup keeps your lawn clean and well-manicured, our fall lawn care services prepare your root system for winter and spring.

Shoreline Erosion Control Burlington, Wisconsin

Shoreline Restoration in Burlington & Waterford, WI

If you need shoreline restoration in Burlington or Waterford, WI, you can trust Koch Kuts for high-quality services that make your investment worthwhile.

Shoreline Restoration Muskego, Wisconsin

Professional Shoreline Landscaping

Servicing Waterford, Rochester, Lake Geneva, Wind Lake, Muskego and Surrounding Areas

Why should you hire Koch Kuts for your Shoreline Landscaping Project? We are experienced and knowledgeable on your options and will provide the best care for your lake home or waterfront property landscaping.

Owning a piece of shoreline property is something to be proud of. Keeping it looking its best, safe, sustainable and potential useful is key to maintaining or increasing value. It takes the right kind of landscaper for optimal shoreline landscaping. Koch Kuts will fully evaluate your shoreline turf and how it interacts with the elements including wind, ice, surf, gravity and time/seasons in general. There are three main benefits to hiring a shoreline landscaper:

Support and Enrich your Land around your Shoreline

Proper shoreline landscaping techniques can benefit your property in a few ways. The addition of a retaining wall can add support to the earth surrounding and prevent flooding while adding a pathway can allow for beauty and usefulness. You can also consider adding a switchback or staircase from your home or building to the shoreline.

Protection and Restoration of your Shoreline

Koch Kuts can install stone or other visually aesthetic means such as a small sand beach to prevent erosion. It’s also important to remove overgrowth that may be harmful to your shoreline such as buckthorn and other invasive growth.

Environmentally Safe Structure and Additions

When landscaping your shoreline, it’s important to not disrupt the needed natural flora and fauna of your shoreline. When installing a boat ramp, patio, lighting, retaining wall, decorative plants or flowers – it’s important to make sure you don’t harm the natural habitat. A professional local landscaper like Koch Kuts will be knowledgeable and be sure to make this happen for you without any reason for concern.

Koch Kuts specializes in top of the line shoreline landscaping. From the initial plans through to completion – we have you covered.

Contact Koch Kuts for your Free Shoreline Landscaping Estimate.

Fall Lawn Care Burlington

Fall Landscaping in Burlington and Surrounding Areas

As the Temperatures drop and the leaves begin their brilliant color display it marks the time to plan your fall lawn care.  Utilizing a lawn service to prepare your landscape for the winter months will not only save you days of time and labor it will also prepare your landscape for a lush and beautiful spring bloom.

Here are a list of items that will ensure a lush lawn, plentiful foliage and beautiful spring blooms.


  • Trim the Trees:  by trimming any dead or overhanging branches in fall you can prevent damage to your home or property caused by winter weather such as snowstorms or ice.
  • Feed your Grass:  your lawns root system keeps growing until temperatures fall below 40 degrees.  Fertilizing your lawn in fall while the roots are still active is key to successful lawn growth in spring.
  • Aerate your Lawn:  as the soil compacts around the root system it can prevent key nutrients from getting to your lawn.  Aerating your lawn helps nutrients reach the roots and creates a hearty and lush lawn.
  • Cut back Perennials:  by cutting back perennials you send nutrients and energy back to the roots and the result will be a healthier plant in the spring.
  • Mulch: renewing the mulch in your landscape in fall protects plants from the cold temperatures and frost damaging their root system.
  • Plant New Plants:  Fall is the perfect time to plant your spring bulbs and plants to create a beautiful spring color display.
  • Dry your Irrigation system:  blowing out the water in your irrigation system in fall will prevent lines from being damaged from water freezing in the lines.  This simple step can save you money in repair or replacement fees.
  • Clean Decks and Patios:  Clear all clutter from decks and patios.  Put away or cover lawn furniture or decorations.
  • Leaf Removal:  as beautiful as the fall colors are on the trees, fallen leaves can rob your lawn of nutrients and are an eyesore in your landscape.


These simple items will ensure that your landscape not only looks wonderful during the fall but also will ensure a vibrant landscape in the spring.  Contact Koch Kuts and let our professional team do all the hard work for you so that you can enjoy your free time with friends and family instead of leaves and rakes.

Contact Koch Kuts for your Free Fall Landscaping Estimate in Burlington and surrounding areas today.

Pool Wall Installation After

Make a Splash with your Burlington pool landscaping

From Modern to Rustic or maybe an island retreat or Mediterranean villa.  Swimming Pool Landscaping can transform the most basic pool and patio into an absolute oasis. Koch Kuts can work with you to develop a project that once complete gives the “wow” factor that you want for your yard

Consider the following simple principles of pool landscaping:

  • Making use of Potted plants can transform a plain patio area without the need to install a garden bed. Repeal mosquitoes by planting citronella plants in your pots.  These are low maintenance plants that have become a favorite due to their citrus scent and inspect repelling properties. Some other mosquito repealing plants include lemongrass, rosemary, marigolds and basil.
  • Planning on using your pool during the nighttime?  Add lighting into your landscaping.  Solar lights, lighted fountains and tiki torches will all provide a captivating glow during the nighttime hours.
  • Tall ornamental Grasses or evergreens along a fence or perimeter can give you extra privacy and are low maintenance.  Beware of deciduous or fruit trees that can cause damage or hours of extra maintenance from the falling leaves
  • Limit or eliminate grass close to your pool.  Not having to worry about grass clippings while performing lawn maintenance will give you extra time to enjoy the oasis that you have created.

Plants to use: 


Long blooming flowers

Evergreen trees and groundcover

Ornamental grasses like fountain grass


Plants to avoid: 

Plants that attracts bees and other insects like mint or bee balm

Fruit bearing trees

Plants with thorns, barbs, or other prickly parts like roses or hollies

Deciduous trees whenever possible


At Koch Kuts our professional team will work with you to bring the pool and patio of your dreams into a reality.

Contact Koch Kuts for your professional pool landscaping estimate in Burlington and surrounding areas.