Burlington Wi Snow Removal

Burlington Wisconsin Snow Removal

It’s a chilly December Saturday morning. You’ve been working hard all week. You wake up excited to spend the day relaxing, walk into the kitchen to make yourself a warm pot of coffee, and while you’re standing at your sink filling your coffee pot you look out to see a fresh, fluffy coat of bright, white snow. Initially, you think of how beautiful it is, then the daunting thought of shoveling creeps into your brain. You quickly chug what’s in your mug and prepare yourself to go tackle the next three hours of scraping, shoveling, and salting. What if you didn’t have to? What if you could wake up excited to spend the day relaxing, walk into your kitchen to make a warm pot of coffee. You stand at your sink filling your coffee pot looking out at the fresh, beautiful, fluffy white snow. You pour yourself a nice big mug and then go sit down on your couch to catch up on all of the shows you’ve missed throughout the week. You get to spend your day relaxing because last night you called Koch Kuts to have you plowed and shoveled out before you even woke up.

Winter weather already adds plenty of stress to an already stressful season. Beyond being extremely time consuming, shoveling and snow blowing adds significant strain on your heart and body. On average, Wisconsin gets 48 inches of snowfall a year causing residents to spend countless hours shoveling and snow blowing. At Koch Kuts we offer snow removal, salting, and shoveling. From plowing your driveway to shoveling and salting your sidewalks, we will make sure you don’t lift a finger!

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