Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions about Lawn Care – We Have the Answers!

When you’re hiring professional landscaping & lawn care services, you likely have some questions. Whether it’s about cost, schedule, contract, or the specific needs of your property; we’re here and ready to help.

Below, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we get. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How long has Koch Kuts been in business?

Koch Kuts is a family-owned & operated company that has served homeowners & businesses in southeast Wisconsin since 1996. With 25 years of landscaping experience under our belts, you can trust that your lawn is getting the best possible care available.

What areas do you provide local lawn care?

Our lawn maintenance & seasonal lawn care services are available in Burlington, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, including Waterford, Rochester, Honey Creek, Spring Prairie, Lyons, Wheatland, Paddock Lake, Brighton, & Kansasville. If you are interested in Koch Kuts lawn services, give us a call to find out if we serve your area!

Do you provide designs or help with new designs?

Yes – Koch Kuts will assess your area and design or help you design a plan based on your land, your needs and other suggestions we may have.

Can you modify an existing landscape design from another company?

Yes, if you have a plan already but need some modifications we can work through that with you.

Will you help stake my newly planted trees?

Yes we can help with staking your new trees, and also with planting new trees or removing trees.

Do you provide seasonal lawn care services?

Yes! You can trust Koch Kuts for all of your seasonal lawn care needs. Seasonal services we can help you with include (but are not limited to):

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Insect & Disease Management
  • Core Aeration
  • Seeding & Sodding
  • Tree Care
  • Bedwork
  • Mowing & Trimming

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Do you provide landscaping maintenance plans?

Koch Kuts is a popular choice for lawn maintenance in Burlington & Waterford, WI. We have the manpower and equipment to manage the maintenance needs of residential lawns, commercial grounds, and recreational turfs. Our basic lawn maintenance plans include mowing, trimming, and cleanup. We’re always happy to design a contract that includes the lawn care treatments your property needs too.

What do your fall lawn services include?

Koch Kuts fall cleanup services include:

  • End of season mowing (we’ll mow your lawn until it stops growing)
  • Pruning (trees & plant life will be pruned to promote growth in the spring)
  • Leaf Cleanup & Removal

Our fall cleanup services typically begin after the first frost and wrap up on December first or after the first snow.

Fall is also a crucial lawn care season. Services including lawn aeration, overseeding, fertilizer, and weed control will prepare your soil for winter hibernation and strong growth in the spring. Koch Kuts can help you with fall lawn care & maintenance, providing care that is right for your property’s needs.

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What do your spring lawn services include?

Koch Kuts specializes in seasonal lawn care! Our spring lawn care plans often include:

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Prevention
  • Overseeding (as necessary)
  • Dethatching & Core Aeration (as necessary)
  • Start of Season Mowing & Trimming

We can also help you with spring cleanup, planting, mulching, and bed edging.

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How can I benefit from professional lawn care & maintenance?

The most important benefit you can reap from professional lawn care is a healthy lawn. Soil and grass that is properly cared for (fertilized, seeded, aerated, treated for pests, etc.) will grow thicker and greener. Lawn maintenance like mowing & trimming services keep your property perfectly manicured. With professionals managing the needs of your lawn, you can enjoy the spoils of a beautifully trimmed lawn without putting in any of the effort or time. Lawn maintenance is also generally affordable.

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Is fertilization and weed control important?

Fertilizing your lawn helps it maintain good health & strength. What products you use and when treatment is applied determines the effectiveness; which is why professional fertilization services are recommended. Weeds are more than an eyesore, they’re also a serious nuisance that can steal vital nutrients from your grass. A thick lawn (from fertilization) can help prevent some weed growth, but professional treatment is the best way to prevent & eliminate weeds.

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Is core aeration beneficial?

For lawns with a lot of thatch buildup or severe soil compaction problems, core aeration is more than beneficial, it’s important. Core aeration needs to be precisely timed for the best results, which is why professional service is recommended. The purpose of aerating your lawn is to allow vital nutrients like oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the root system. Core aeration is often performed in the spring, however, it may be necessary in the fall as well if your thatch problems are extreme.

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What are the benefits of overseeding my lawn?

Overseeding is only beneficial when done correctly. Seeds need to be embedded effectively into the soil and watered until they sprout. Most often applied in the late summer, seeds that root in the fall will sprout again in the spring, ensuring a thicker lawn after the ground thaws. If you have bare or brown spots come spring, overseeding can be completed again to help fill in the problem areas.