Great Burlington Paver Patio Testimonial

LA Miller, Burlington Wi

“Jason took the time to help us figure out what we wanted in our new brick patio after we decided to get rid of our above ground pool. When it was done, we had a beautiful wide open addition to our once fenced in pool area with a seat wall and firepit.”

We understand when it’s time to make a change to your yard – it can be a hard decision to make. An above ground pool typically kills all the grass below it and leaves a very sore site upon removal. Koch Kuts has solutions. When this family removed their pool – we helped them install a custom paver patio with a beautiful seat wall and brick fire pit. Now they have the ideal space to entertain and just sit back and enjoy their summer nights.

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Landscaping Wall and Steps Repair AFTER

Types of Burlington Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have come a long way. They used to be solely used when necessary for holding back earth from unwanted areas or preventing spread of erosion. Now many are realizing they can be used to increase value of your property by adding visual appeal and luxury functions.

Retaining Wall Masonry

Koch Kuts offers custom masonry services and professional installation of retaining walls. Typically various types of stone or brick are used. Wood can be used, but it presents the risk of rot long term. Concrete blocks can also be used for a cost effective solution. Custom Masonry is an option and provides lasting value.

Garden Retaining Walls

Garden retaining walls are designed to enclose a garden. They may also be referred to as screen walls sometimes. These are great for creating a tiered or terraced effect within your garden. You can create a masterpiece and make your eyesore of a hill into a full step garden. A flower path, shrubbery, maybe even fruit trees or vegetables? Build on a hobby, better utilize the space in your yard with the hill, and get rid of hard to mow/hard to grow grass frustrations.

Fire Pit Retaining Walls

It’s nice to sit outside and enjoy a nice fire in the spring, summer and fall. Retaining walls around patio’d fire pits are a great way to create an inviting environment for your evening fires. You can even add in a seat wall so you don’t have to worry about as many chairs and can maximize the space. Check out some of the fire pit retaining walls we’ve done in our custom landscaping and retaining walls gallery.

Retaining walls are more than just a necessity now. They are a part of landscaping. They have aesthetic purpose. They add value. Consider sprucing up your exterior and utilizing your land to the fullest with a retaining wall.

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