Shoreline Erosion Control Burlington, Wisconsin

What is Rip Rap Shoreline Restoration?

Rip Rap restoration is a strategic system of rock placement that minimizes shoreline erosion caused by water and ice over time. When properly installed, a shoreline Rip Rap system can be a long term solution as well as a visual beauty for any lakefront or riverfront property. Shoreline Rip Rap systems can be constructed using different types of materials including but not limited to fieldstone, granite, and limestone. 

Koch Kuts prefers and recommends fieldstone for Rip Rap systems. We choose fieldstone because it is the most durable, visually appealing, eco-friendly, budget-friendly, smooth, round and available in the largest selection of natural and earthy tones. 

Why Choose a local Burlington landscaper for your Rip Rap Shoreline Restoration? 

Your lake house deserves the best. You deserve a company that actually cares overall. Some Rip Rap restoration companies may try to say local landscapers aren’t as qualified for this type of work, but Koch Kuts is not one of those unqualified companies. We have a full team of experienced professionals that specialize in Shoreline Restoration Services. Hardscaping projects like these are a passion of ours. 

What locations do we service?

Located in Burlington, Wisconsin, we’re happy to deliver high-quality shoreline restoration & riprap installation services in a 40-50 mile radius of us. That includes:

Racine County

Burlington, Rochester, Waterford, Tichigan, Wind Lake, Eagle Lake, Yorkville, Sturtevant, Elmwood, Racine, Mt Pleasant, Caledonia, Raymond, and the surrounding areas.

Kenosha County

New Munster, Twin Lakes, Silver Lake, Camp Lake, Salem, Paddock Lake, Bristol, Woodworth, Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha, and the surrounding areas.

Walworth County

Pell Lake, Lake Geneva, Fontana, Williams Bay, Como, Delevan, Elkhorn, Richmond, Whitewater, La Grange, Abells Corners, Troy, East Troy, Potter Lake, and the surrounding areas.

Waukesha County

Muskego, Mukwonago, Eagle, North Prairie, Wales, Delafield, Oconomowoc, Nashotah, Hartland, Pewaukee, Waukesha, and the surrounding areas.

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Shoreline Erosion Control Burlington, Wisconsin

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