Lawn & Grounds Maintenance

Lawn Care & Maintenance Services from Local Pros

Koch Kuts offers first-rate lawn care & maintenance services in Burlington, WI and the surrounding areas. Let our local professionals take care of your lawn & ground maintenance needs this year while you reclaim your free time. We service residential and commercial properties in southeast Wisconsin. Get a free quote for service started online or call us at 262-534-9509 to discuss your lawn care needs and how we can help.

At Koch Kuts, we understand that taking care of a large property can become an overwhelming job. Our lawn care services address the unique needs of your landscape without breaking the bank. We’ll keep your grass neat and even, your shrubs shaped and trees properly pruned, and your root system properly cared for. Our lawn care team takes pride in providing end to end solutions ensuring your lawn is always beautiful, well kept, and complementary to your layout and design preferences.

Professional Yard Maintenance Burlington